This is Snowy, the newest to my strange creature collection. This one was inspired by my boyfriend who loves hugs, and this creature loves giving hugs! We were at a playground the other day and someone had a little white rabbit in a cage, its name was Snowy and he was the friendliest rabbit I have ever encountered. 


Wallpaper Design

This is a wallpaper design for my Victorian Cupcake House, one of my current senior projects, I am also designing the logo, store front and interior, packaging ect.

Cupcakes originated in the early 19th century, in England they are called Fairy Cakes because of their size. I am making my cupcake house a victorian era fairy tale themed shop.

There will be more to come! 


Logo About Me (sketchbook version)

This is a project from one of my Senior Project classes to create a logo about me.
This shows the different stages I went though to get to the last one on the bottom. The cat or whatever animal or creature you might see in the image was created from placing paint splatters together in photoshop. This is meant to be cute/mysterious/easygoing.


My Inspiration #1

This is a work my Debra Hampton, an artist I discovered recently, i love her collage work!

Here is a link to her website


This is my four eyed mouse thing, I need to think up a name for him...


The CatOsaur

This is the CatOsaur the very first of a series of creatures I am working on. I am calling the series Lil Monsters. This guy is a cat and a dinosaur mixed. I drew this for a friend at work over the summer and instantly fell in love with him :)