I have started creating stories for my homeless pet characters and sketching comic strips about them, this one is about the squirrel chasing the nuts 4 nuts cart around manhattan.


Italio Calvino Work in Progress

Here is my progress on the Italio Calvino project. The poster part is finished but the booklets are not, still working on the text layouts.


Squirrel, Raccoon, and Pigeon

This is the first computer sketch for my homeless pets characters, this is the squirrel, he has no name yet but he is very energetic and he is going to be in love with my raccoon character.

Bottom picture is 3 of the 5 characters together,they are the energetic squirrel, the misunderstood pigeon, and the sneaky raccoon. Still coming up with the names.



This is a drawing from my sketchbook that I did over winter break, I made a snowcat and then drew him, he is shooting fireworks for the new year! 

This was kind of an experiment because I have a brush pen that you fill with water but I have never really used it before this and I have to say I really love the texture it gives me and I will be using a lot more from now on!


A Project Worth Thinking About

For one of my senior projects this semester I am going to re-visit a project I did sophomore year.

This is a picture from my Homeless Pets branding project, I did packaging, product, advertising and everything else that goes into it. I am re-visiting it because I feel like I have learned so much in the 2 years since I first did this project that I could really improve on it. 

The character in the picture is Skitter, he is some kind of mouse who has lost an eye and his tail, his family abandoned him when he was just a baby.

Right now I have to figure out my selling audience, and where I would sell these, preferably not toys r us, I was thinking a little more high end but not too expensive, if you have any thoughts your comments are greatly appreciated! 


Time To Get Serious

So I have been neglecting my blog but I'm back! 
Here is a quick photoshop job I did for fun to get myself back into things.
More to come!