They are Almost Done!

Alright so here are my Pests! All sewing done! I will name them left to right in the top picture:

Chester Roach (yes, he is a cockroach!)
Walter the pigeon 
Twitch the Squirrel
Skitter the mouse/rat
Ameera the raccoon

All parts of these guys are designed by me, all handmade. Right now I am working on my scaled down mock up of a store display that is based off of a NYC trash can. More pictures to come as I get that going! I am also in the process of getting their tags done, you can see one on the raccoon in the pictures above. 


Mish Mash, fictional snowboarding competition (work in progress)

So this is a current project, based on research some critics think that men and women snowboarders can potentially compete one on one with each other rather than in separate mens and women's sections. I am creating posters, stickers and brochures for advertising, a website so you can register, and a mish mashed iphone app that features on site gps for best trick spots and competition areas, a weather feature, a trick book for on the mountain trick guide access and a timer for racing with friends.

Right now I am working on getting a snowboarder aesthetic and feel that is consistent throughout all components. 

Comments and suggestions are always helpful!