They are Almost Done!

Alright so here are my Pests! All sewing done! I will name them left to right in the top picture:

Chester Roach (yes, he is a cockroach!)
Walter the pigeon 
Twitch the Squirrel
Skitter the mouse/rat
Ameera the raccoon

All parts of these guys are designed by me, all handmade. Right now I am working on my scaled down mock up of a store display that is based off of a NYC trash can. More pictures to come as I get that going! I am also in the process of getting their tags done, you can see one on the raccoon in the pictures above. 

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  1. wow so beautiful!!


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    What did you do on Christmas day in 2010 and on Jan. 1st, 2011?
    I ate out on Christmas day. What about you?
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