Fabric Entry:: Sea Creatures

So this weeks fabric contest theme is Sea Creatures. I thought it might be nice to see the process behind this one.

First I drew a sketch>>

Then I brought my sketch into Illustrator and drew the outline of the character>>

 Then I brought that outline into Photoshop and had come fun coloring. I am not used to being this illustrative so I had a lot of fun trying out different brushes. >>
 This is my end result >>

I am EXTREMELY happy with this pattern. I think I may have found a new style as far as illustration goes...I am defiantly going to experiment more with this style. It almost has a watercolor feel to it which for the sea theme I think works really well. I didn't want to use a solid blue in the background because I felt that it "drowned" (no pun intended) out the fish. Instead I used a soft pallet of oranges and pinky reds to make the blue of the bubbles pop giving that blue water effect.

I find I am really enjoying entering even this simple once a week fabric contest. It allows me to come home and work in a variety of ways as well as allowing me to relieve alot of my everyday stress by getting lost in a sea of creatures : )

If you find yourself sick of the day to day work stuff I would really recommend joining in on something like this. This also goes for the rest of you post college creatives who may not have any other creative work at the moment, keeps your skills in shape and your imagination alive.

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