Feeling Accomplished

This weekend I finally framed a picture, one of my biggest inspirations and hung it on my wall with my owl prints. This drawing was made my uncle Donnie when he was in high school. I never got to meet him because he died when he was 18, wayyy before I was born! But I have been told I have his personality and his talent for art. I have always looked to this drawing as well a couple others that I have of his when I am at a lack of inspiration. 
I also  was offered the opportunity to do 2 backdrops for the drugstore I work for on the side! (payed of course!) The backdrops will be displayed during Easter weekend when the Easter Bunny will be at the stores! Here is the easter colored duct tape I bought today for them. 

Here are the other 2 backdrops I have done in the past. First one is my Halloween monster party! The second, if you couldn't guess is Santa's house...haha. I make them completely out of paper, it's so much fun!

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