Challenge #2: Finding an Internship

The first thing I wanted after getting thrown into the "real world" was to get a job. But I found a huge catch, when applying for a job everyone wants someone with experience but no one is willing to give you a job to get that experience...

The next option was an internship. I never had time to do an internship with all my classes and homework so I thought maybe that would be a good place to start now. This however had a catch too...everyone offering internships wants your work but they don't want to pay you! (never take an internship was what I have always been told.) For me I got super lucky that a former professor of mine knew pretty much everyone in Syracuse looking for designers and also who would give me a paid internship. 

I love love love having an internship! I am learning way more in the few months that I have been there than I did my last year of school. Not only am I learning how to manage clients but I am also learning alot of the more detailed features of design programs like inDesign and Photoshop. 

So far I have done everything from branding (logo and identity design), print (brochures, business cards, posters), and website design. I also designed the company's holiday card! Check it out >>



company>> stressdesign.com

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