Happy New Year!

Today I woke up inspired and spent some well needed time with my neglected sketchbook. I have have always been drawn to swirly designs and fonts but have stayed for the most part away from designing this type of stuff in my own work but now I have decided to just let all my "swirlyness" out. My inspiration for this goes back to a project a did a year ago that I have recently framed. 
 That led me to decide that this year I want to work on more typographic designs and incorporate my swirls into more stuff. I know the whole swirl thing isn't anything new but it's what I am into so I am going to do it! :P 
 I then went on to sketch my initials in this new found font of mine :) 
I think I am finally getting closer to a logo for myself that I am happy with...almost...

Happy New Year!!!

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