Challenge #3:: Creating my brand

Where to start....
Well in school my professors were always bugging us about "branding" ourselves. I guess I never really got what that meant until after I graduated and starting to look at other professionals portfolios. The insight I gained from this is basically "make everything match" and "make it look good." 
Right now, my portfolio, business cards, resume and letterhead all DON'T match at all... : /

Take a look for yourself >>

When did I realize this was a problem?
1) At my interview...yeah of all places i know! My boss actually pointed this out to me which I was already aware of but he made look even worse than what I thought...
2) While snooping (shhh don't tell) through some portfolios that came into the office that were BEAUTIFULLY designed in every possible way. Everything went together and the designer had neat little branding elements that were breath taking. 

So now what do I do?
1) FIX IT!

This is a work in progress, as things start to come together I will start posting more of this. 

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