Giving myself homework!?

Hello everyone,

So I have been kind of absent, aside from the fabric designs. Why? Because I have in fact given myself homework, with a little help from my good friend Sam as well. 

We have been brainstorming an idea for a post college online community for designers and illustrators. 

Good question. (We like questions)

Well, let's face it getting thrown into "the real world" particularly a "creative world" can be pretty tough to get started out in. It can be extremely frustrating and sometimes a little reassurance from people who know what its like and have been there before can be just what is needed to stay afloat. 

We have so far created a twitter and are in working progress on a blog. Follow us @EnSpirations
We really hope to get some experienced creatives talking to the young just starting out students about the challenges and solving problems that will come their way. (I wish I had more of this when I was getting ready to graduate)
We also hope to come up with weekly contests for everyone to participate in and keep everyones imagination in full gear, so when you do land that internship/job you aren't racing to get back into the creative lifestyle! 

More to come! 

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